from Popteen December 2012.

Studded Ribbon x Fluffy Half-up


“I love this half-up style, as the bangs frame my face and the curls are so girly. The rockish studded ribbon is really trendy now too.”


Blouse with strappy dress / Ank Rouge Shibuya 109 Store
Studded Ribbon Barette / Model’s own

How To Style

Step 1: Do mix curls on all your hair. Gather all the hair above your ears and secure on top of your head. Leave some strands to frame your face.

Step 2: Take sections of tied-up hair and pull them apart vertically to add volume.

Step 3: For the hair that’s not tied up, take sections and pull them apart horizontally. Make sure to do small sections at a time!

Step 4: Use your hands to loosen up your hair, then pin the ribbon to hide the hairtie.

Hooded Balloon Coat x Fluffy Twin Tails



Hooded Balloon Coat / Ank Rouge Shibuya 109 Store
Other items / Model’s own

How to Style

Step 1: Split hair into 2 equal halves, then secure each side high above the ear with hairties.

Step 2: Use a thick-bristled brush to loosen the curls.

Step 3: After loosening the curls, take sections of your hair between your fingers and slide them from tip upwards to add volume.

How To Do Mix Curls

Step 1: We will be working with a 26 mm curler.

Step 2: Divide your hair into halves. Gather up the hair above the ears and divide it into 3 sections. Secure each section with a separate hairtie.

Step 3: The back should look like this.

Step 4: Take a small section of hair nearest to your face, and do an inward curl. The curl should curl in towards your face.

Step 5: Make sure to curl all the way up to the roots. Turn the curler inwards, making sure that the hair ends are nicely curled too.

Step 6: Take the next section of hair and do an outward curl. The curl should curl out away from your face.

Step 7: Continue alternating inward and outward curls until complete. Loosen the lowest hairtie and do inward curls on this section of hair.

Step 8: Loosen the next hairtie and do outward curls on this section of hair. This alternating technique prevents the curls from bunching together.

Step 9: Repeat until all hair has been curled. Take sections of hair at the top of your head and curl the roots by moving the curler left and right.

Step 10: Now, the curls are tightly wound into bunches. Use your fingers to gently pull them apart.

Step 11: Curl the remaining hair in a large curve to frame your face.

Step 12: The mix curl look is done!