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from KERA July 2014.


“I’ve been interested in the adult style recently, so I switched from soft eye make-up to cat eyes. Wingtip eyelines and long false lashes create a sharp look for the eyes”


A: Moist Labo BB Matte Cream
B: Orbis Acne Spots Concealer
C: CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder MO
D: Bibo Eyebrow Pencil
E: CANMAKE Shading Powder 01
F: CANMAKE Eye Nuance 24
G: Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner S BK-1
H: K Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank
I: Candy Doll Cheek Colour Strawberry Milk
J: Sweets Sweets Blend Highlighter BH1
K: Maybelline Lip Cream Colour 04

How To Make-up: Foundation

Step 1: Take a pearl size drop of A and blend onto skin. Make sure it is applied evenly.

Step 2: Cover dark circles and dull spots with B. Blend in by tapping gently with your finger.

Step 3: Use C to finish the foundation. Apply a thin layer for a half-matte look.

How To Make-up: Eye

Step 4: Fill in the tail of your brows with D, taking care to align the peak outside of the line of your pupil.

Step 5: Apply E with a brush in a line from the start of your brow to the nostrils to create a nose shadow.

Step 6: Apply F’s brown (left) onto the entire eyelid to create a shadow.

Step 7: Apply F’s beige (bottom) below the brow to brighten up the eyes.

Step 8: Apply F’s black (right) onto the double eyelid area. This creates a gradient effect so your eyes will stand out.

Step 9: Apply F’s black (right) along the outer 1/3 of the lower eyelid to lengthen the eyes.

Step 10: Use G to draw a long, thin eyeline close along the upper lashline. Draw an eyeline along the outer 1/3 of the lower lashline.

Step 11: Apply H along the inner corner of the lower eyelid to emphasize it.

Step 12: Stick on full-type false lashes along the upper lashline, keeping a 5mm space at the inner corner.

Step 13: Stick on false lashes a little below the lower lashline to widen your eyes.

How To Make-up: Cheek & Lip

Step 14: Apply E along your face line for shading. This creates a sharp look.

Step 15: Apply I in a circular motion right on the cheeks. The pink colour gives a natural blush look.

Step 16: Apply J gently in the T-zone. This adds a highlight and gives you a high nose.

Step 17: Apply K over the entire lip area. This pastel colour doesn’t draw too much attention away from the eyes.