JJ / JJ Hensyubu
from JJ May 2012.


A feminine, relaxed half-up style


The half-up style is a surefire hit amongst the guys. The loose twists and braids add a touch of feminity too.

How To Style


Step 1: Divide bangs into equal halves. Take the bangs from one side and start french braiding. Make sure not to tighten as you go along, a very loose braid is what you want.

Step 2: French braid until you reach the ear, then continue on with a simple braid. Stop braiding once you’ve braided 1/2 the length of your hair. Repeat for the other side.

Step 3: Bring the braids from both sides to the back of the head, and secure with a single barette. Arrange the braids to fall nicely, and the style is complete!