Gothic & Lolita Bible / Index Communications
from Gothic & Lolita Bible vol.42 2011 Winter.




A: Anna Sui Loose Powder 200
B: CANMAKE Milky Moist Base
C: Anna Sui Moisture Rich Powder Foundation 801
D: Sweets Sweets Blend Highlighter BH2
E: Anna Sui Spot Concealer 01
F: ROSY ROSA Transparent Bone False Lashes N2
G: ROSY ROSA False Lashes S6
H: ASTRAEA Virgo Eyelash No.15
I: BOURJOIS Smoky Eyes 03
J: Sweets Sweets Eyebrow Powder EP3
K: CEZANNE Super Fine Eyeliner Black
L: CEZANNE Volume Comb Mascara
M: BOURJOIS Brush Pastel Joues 16
N: BOURJOIS Brush Pastel Joues 34
O: CEZANNE Tube Gloss 03

How To Make-up: Foundation

Step 1: Apply B’s base as a base over the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

Step 2: Gently blend into face with the pads of your fingers, in outward strokes.

Step 3: Cover eyebags with E’s concealer, and blend with fingers.

Step 4: Apply C’s foundation sparingly over the entire face to create a thin layer.

Step 5: Apply A’s loose powder with a large brush over the entire face.

How To Make-up: Cheek

Step 6: Mix M and N’s colours on the back of your hand, then apply onto your cheek using a brush in horizontal strokes.

Step 7: Apply D’s highlight powder under your eyes to brighten them.

How To Make-up: Eyes

Step 8: Apply I’s light brown (middle) over the entire lid. Extend generously outwards at the outer corner.

Step 9: Apply the same light brown at the outer 1/3 of the lower eyelid.

Step 10: Apply I’s rich brown (bottom) along the double eyelid region to create a gradation.

Step 11: Draw a thin eyeline along the upper lashline with K’s liquid eyeliner.

Step 12: Draw a thick eyeline along the outer 1/3 of the lower lashline.

Step 13: Stick F and G’s false lashes together with eyelash glue along the backbone.

Step 14: Stick on the combined lashes along your upper lashline, leaving a 5mm gap at the inner corner.

Step 15: Layer on H’s false lashes at the outer corner to emphasize the length of your eyes.

Step 16: Keep the lower lashes neat and clean by applying L’s mascara.

Step 17: Colour in the brows with J’s light brown (left) in a straight line.

How To Make-up: Lip

Step 18: Apply O’s gloss onto the lips. Apply a second layer along the lower lip for a plump look.