from NAIL UP! May 2012.



Gel Colours: Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, White
Others: Round gold studs

How To Make


Step 1: Apply a layer of base gel and dry. Apply the aqua gel on the top 2/3 of the nail, and the yellow gel on the bottom 1/3.

Step 2: Draw petals as shown using the yellow and orange gels, then dry. Shading and gradients make the flowers look nice.

Step 3: Draw leaves with the green gel, and draw some dots in the middle of the flowers with red gel. Dry.

Step 4: Using blue and white gels, draw lines onto the aqua section of the nail in a tie-dye pattern. Dry.

Step 5: Using blue and white gels, draw lines at the bottom of the aqua section to create a fringed hem.

Step 6: Draw a scarf as shown, using red and white gels. Add stitches as shown to complete the denim skirt. Apply a layer of top gel and stick on gold studs as shown. Apply a layer of sealing gel to complete.