from NAIL UP! May 2012.



Gel Colours: Pink, White
Others: Silver glitter, Rhinestone studs

How To Make


Step 1: Apply a layer of base gel and dry. Apply a layer of pink over the entire nail and dry.

Step 2: Mix the silver glitter with the top gel and apply at the base of the nail as shown. Draw a curved line with a rose in the middle with white gel, then dry.

Step 3: Emphasize the curved line in Step 2 with another layer of white gel. Dry.

Step 4: Draw leaves along the curved line as shown, using the white gel. Dry.

Step 5: Draw leaves on the other side of the curved line as well, using the white gel. Dry.

Step 6: Apply a layer of top gel and stick on the rhinestone studs. Apply a layer of sealing gel to complete.