mina / Shufu no Tomo Sha
from mina July 2014.


A traditional Okinawan dish with a subtle taste, best eaten when mixed with red peppers! Change the fish sausages for ham or pork for another flavour.

Ingredients (serves 2)

Bitter melon ….. 1/2
Thick fried tofu ….. 1 piece
Fish sausage ….. 1
Bean sprouts ….. 1/2 bag
Soy sauce ….. 2 teaspoons
Egg ….. 2
Sesame oil ….. 2 teaspoons
Pepper, dried bonito flakes, red peppers ….. suitable amount

How To Cook

Step 1: Use a spoon to scoop out and discard the white meat from inside the bitter melon, then slice the remaining into strips. Rub a small amount of salt onto the slices and leave for 10 minutes. Wash in water and remove all moisture with paper towels. Cut the fish sausage diagonally into pieces.

Step 2: Heat up the frying pan to mid-heat, and add in the sesame oil. Fry the fish sausage pieces and thick fried tofu together, using the spatula to cut the tofu into smaller pieces. Once cooked, add in the bitter melon, then bean sprouts. Add in soy sauce for seasoning once cooked.

Step 3: Beat up the eggs and pour the mixture in from the side of the pan. Once the eggs are half-done, use the spatula to mix it in.

Step 4: Transfer to serving plate, add pepper, dried bonito flakes, red peppers and serve.

Points to Note


Point 1: Rubbing the bitter melon with salt helps to get rid of the bitter taste.

Point 2: Cutting the thick fried tofu into neat cubes while in the frying pan serves to add more flavour.

Point 3: Pour the egg mixture along the side of the pan where it is the hottest, as high heat will cause the eggs to become airy and light.