from CanCam November 2014.

Point 1: Pink & lavender are my favourites this autumn!

“Pink has always been my favourite since I was a child, so I’ll never let it go. As for lavender, I first saw it during a fall/winter collection show, and I fell in love with its cuteness ❤ I love girlish knit tops that come in these colours ♪”

1. Cardigan / Lily Brown
“Its compact size makes it compatible with dresses.”
2. Blouse / MINIMUM
“The mini frills along the collar and sleeves are the highlight!”
“I ❤ the fluffy material, and it can store many things too.”
“The sweet flower motifs complete any outfit.”
5. Knit top / snidel
“I’d love to pair it with a flared skirt!”

Point 2: Ice pastels go well with bags and shoes too!

“I take note to use ice pastels to style up a simple outfit. I’d love to add some suede items to my collection too!”

* The BALENCIAGA bag and PRADA shoes are from MaiMai’s own collection.

1. Shoes / 31 Sons de mode
“These shoes are made in ice pastel suede ❤ They come in comfy platform shoes too!”
2. Shoes / ONWARD Feroux
“The shallow depth makes my feet look pretty.”

Point 3: Using hair accessories to complete my outfits ever since I knew how to ❤

“My grandma and mum love fashion too, so I’ve loved hair accessories ever since I was a child, especially hairbands! Just putting them up adds to my girlishness and elegance, and I can’t live without them ♡”

Top: All are from MaiMai’s own collection. From top, LANVIN, LUDLOW, Ferragamo.
Bottom: “Both hair barettes are from LUDLOW. I check up lots on this brand recently, because their handmade items are all so exquisite and so cute ❤”

Point 4: I want to wear flared skirts in wintry pastel colours!

“Flared skirts are a personal must-have for me! Most of mine are surprisingly in wintry colours, and I love to match the aqua or mint green skirts with white or ice blue tops.”

1. Skirt / Unchulle’ emu
“I love clothes that are smooth and reflect the light.”
2. Skirt / Chesty
“A skirt of mi-mollet length. The stiff material is so ladylike.”
3. Skirt / MINIMUM
“The knit material is warm and cute ❤”

Point 5: Ice pastel dresses drive up the spirit during concerts ☆

“Dresses I wear during concerts must reflect recent fashion trends and fit the stage, so fit & flare silhoettes are a must!! The RED VALENTINO dresses are a fan favourite!”

Top (RED VALENTINO): Made of transculent silk. The fluffy balloon skirt is a highlight too.
Right (Rirandture): “I felt the fans would feel bored if I kept wearing pink… So sometimes I choose blue too.”
Far right (RED VALENTINO): MaiMai also likes clothes with tight collars. The stiff material makes it look cute on anyone ❤

*Concert goods in ice pastels too ❤
The original muffler towel, sold exclusively at fest and concert venues, are designed by MaiMai. The match of pink and lavender is super cute!!

Point 6: Ice pink dominates sleepwear and the bedroom

“My bedroom is dominated by ice pink linens. It’s the best place to relax ❤ I choose soft, fluffy materials for my sleepwear. I wear them backstage too ♪”

Top: “The bedsheets are from Isetan, the cushions from IKEA, and the cushions with initials are from oeuf doux. Everything comes in tones of white~ice pink.”
Right: “Both these sleepwear items are from oeuf doux. I love the girlish designs and soft material.”

Point 7: Beloved fragrance, Chanel’s “Chance”

“I used to only use body creams, but when I turned 23, I wanted to try using perfumes since I’m already an adult. I love the fragrance, and the ice pink colour is lovely too ❤”

Point 8: Fashion and music idol Taylor Swift

“I’ve always loved dresses and heels, but it was Taylor who first showed me that I could wear such a style while performing on stage. I check out her music and ice pastel fashion lots.”