from S Cawaii! November 2014.

“I want a look that is both cute and sexy ♡” by Suzuki Aya

Sweet: 50% Sexy: 50%

Point 1 (Sweet) Clean semi-matte skin that begs to be touched

A: Moisturising Fluid Foundation 102 / Paul & Joe BEAUTE
B: Secret Control 03 / JILL STUART Beauty
C: Finish Powder / SHISEIDO MAQuillAGE

Step 1: Apply A from the centre of the face outwards. Putting lots of foundation at once may cause a thick spread, so apply it little by little.

Step 2: Apply B along the T-zone, under the eyes, and on the chin, then blend with a finger. This makes you look more alert and lively.

Step 3: Apply C liberally over the entire face using a puff.

Point 2 (Sexy) Charming teary eyes, even when closed

D: Eyeshadow Marriage / ADDICTION BEAUTY
E: Color Stay Shadow Links #028 / Revlon
F: Dual Intensity Eyeshadow #927 / NARS JAPAN
G: Color Stay Skinny Liquid Liner #301 / Revlon
H: Volume Express Rocket 01 / Maybelline New York
I: Decorative Eyelash Play Girl Play Chic No.6 / SHO-BI

Step 1: Apply D over the entire eyelid with your finger. The pearly shine adds a touch of sexy.

Step 2: Apply E along the outer edge of the lower eyelid and blend. Apply F in a sideways V-shape at the inner corner of the eye.

Step 3: Draw a slight wingtip eyeline with G.

Step 4: Apply H on the upper lashes. Cut I’s lashes in half, and stick it on only along the outer half of the eye. This draws attention towards the length of the eyes.

Point 3 (Sweet) Thick puckered lips ♡

J: Lipstick Pure Tokyo Jazz / ADDICTION BEAUTY

Apply J generously on the top lip, going a little over the line of the Cupid’s bow to achieve a puckered look.

Point 4 (Sweet) Soft cheeks with minimal application

K: Mineralize Blush Warm Soul / M.A.C

Apply a light-coloured blush from the cheekbones diagonally upwards.

Point 5 (Sexy) Messy impromptu bun

Randomly grasp hair from the back and sides upward into a loose bun and secure with a hairtie, leaving some strands untied at the nape. Tuck the hair ends into the bun and secure with pins.