from S Cawaii! November 2014.

“I’m aiming for the look of a little sister who is innocent and always gets what she wants ♡” by Gunji Erisa

Sweet: 80% Sexy: 20%

Point 1 (Sweet) Natural brown droopy eyes, sweet but powerful!

A: Double Star Eyes 004 / RIMMEL
B: Eyeshadow Earth Wind / ADDICTION BEAUTY
C: Visee Lisee Color Impact Gel Liner BR300 / Kose
D: Great Curl Mascara 24 (Volume Long) 002 / RIMMEL
E: Lashionista 01 / Maybelline New York
F: Diamond Lash Rich Brown Series Bambi eye / Day Collection

Step 1: Apply A’s colour (middle) on the upper eyelid below the crease. Take B on a brush and apply onto the entire lid, blending A’s colour in the process. Apply A’s colour (2nd from top) at the outer corner of the top lid.

Step 2: Apply B along the outer 2/3 of the bottom lid. Apply A’s colour (top) in a sideways V-shape at the inner corner of the eye to create a teary look.

Step 3: Draw an eyeline with C. Thicken the line at the part right above the pupil to enlarge the eyes. End the line downwards at the outer corner for a girly look.

Step 4: Stick on F onto the upper lashline. The false lashes serve to enlarge the eyes and emphasize the droopy look.

Step 5: Apply D’s mascara to blend the real and false lashes together. The brown colour gives the eyes a gentle look.

Step 6: As too much brown mascara will blur out the eyes, apply E’s black mascara onto the lower lashes.

Point 2 (Sexy) Flushed cheeks, as if fresh from a steaming bath

G: Cheek Polish Swinging / ADDICTION BEAUTY
H: Matte Powder Blush #105 / Revlon

Step 1: Apply G just below the top of the cheekbone in tapping motions using your finger.

Step 2: Apply H in a wider area of the cheek, around the liquid blush applied earlier for a sexy flushed look.

Point 3 (Sweet) Bouncy pink lips: the epitome of “cute”

I: Mineralize Rich Lipstick Devine Choice / M.A.C

Applying gloss will make the look too sweet, so a shiny colour on the lips is enough. Creamy pink is a magical colour that makes any look cute.

Point 4 (Sweet) Fluffy curls with loose ends

Use a 25mm curler to curl the hair ends randomly, mixing both inward and outward curls. Use your fingers to loosen the curls for an airy look.