from S Cawaii! November 2014.

“I want a super sexy look ♡ that can seduce my boyfriend” by Kondo Chihiro

Sweet: 30% Sexy: 70%

Point 1 (Sexy) Lengthy cat eyes for a strong gaze

A: Decorated Eyes Amber / EMODA COSMETICS
B: Eye Colour Trio 07 / Paul & Joe BEAUTE
C: Fluidline Black Track / M.A.C
D: Volum Express Magnum Waterproof Mascara / Maybelline New York
E: Misch Bloomin Eyelash No.1 / Cyberdrive

Step 1: Apply A’s colour (top right) on the whole eyelid, then apply B’s colour (middle) onto the inner half of the eyelid to create depth.

Step 2: Apply A’s colour (top left) along the entire bottom lid. This makes the eyes pop and look less flat.

Step 3: Draw an thin eyeline with C along the edge of the upper lashline. End the eyeline with a wingtip.

Step 4: Stick on E along the upper lashline, starting from the outer corner, then apply D to blend the real and false lashes together for a sharp look.

Point 2 (Sweet) Nude olive brows for a trendy look

F: Eyebrow Base Olive / EMODA COSMETICS

Draw a line with F, starting from beneath the arch. This creates a nude trendy look. Fill in the rest of your brows with a brown shade.

Point 3 (Sexy) Full nude lips that are so kissable

G: Lip Blossom 07 / JILL STUART Beauty
H: Super Mineral Concealer Long Keep / Maybelline New York
I: Lip Liner Duo 01 / Paul & Joe BEAUTE

Step 1: Apply H onto the lips using tapping motions of your finger. Take care not to apply too much as it would make the lips appear cracked later.

Step 2: Outline the edge of the lips using I’s white colour, then apply G onto the lips.

Point 4 (Sexy) Non-pigmented cheeks with a beige nuance

J: Skinlight Pressed Powder #102 / Revlon

Apply I using a brush, following the curve of the cheekbone and shade well to make the face appear slimmer.

Special: Sexy colours this autumn

Dark Red: Lipstick Sin / M.A.C
This matte dark colour is one of the trendy colours this season. Apply for an instant womanly, fashionista look.

Dusty Beige: Lipstick Pure Spy Pink / ADDICTION BEAUTY
Check out the dusty colours too. Popular amongst the professional stylists as it makes the skin look flawless.

Light Purple: Ripe Lips Rouge Grace / EMODA COSMETICS
This season’s must-buy colour is purple, though sometimes it can be hard to match. Try out this bright purple shade first.