from NAIL UP! November 2014.

Checks have always been in fashion, both for nails and clothes.


Checks in such warm colors are so cute ❤ Capture love with the gradiant heart design!

Items: Base gel, top gel
Gel colours: Cream yellow, pink, light blue, yellow, orange, purple, white

Step 1: Apply base gel over the entire nail, then apply a layer of cream yellow gel. Dry, apply a 2nd layer, and dry again.

Step 2: Use a pink gel colour to draw a thick line down the middle of the nail. Dry.

Step 3: Use a light blue gel colour to draw another thick line down the nail, next to the pink line. Dry.

Step 4: Use a yellow gel colour to draw a 3rd thick line down the nail, on the opposite side of the pink line. Dry. Using orange and purple gel colours, draw two thick lines horizontally across the nail as shown. Dry.

Step 5: Use a white gel colour to draw dotted lines to separate each colour into boxes. Dry.

Step 6: Apply top gel over the entire nail. Dry to complete the look.


A random check pattern looks really fashionable! The gold studs add a touch of spice ☆

Items: Base coat, top coat
Colours: Black
Acrylic colours: White, light blue, pink, yellow, blue
Deco pieces: Square studs, white pearls

Step 1: Apply base coat over the entire nail, then 2 layers of black nail polish.

Step 2: Use a white acrylic colour to draw a thin line down the middle of the nail. Allow the line to be a little broken and squiggly.

Step 3: Draw 2 more thin white lines as shown.

Step 4: Draw 3~4 horizontal white lines to create a check pattern.

Step 5: Using the other acrylic colours, randomly add dots over the white lines.

Step 6: Apply a layer of top coat, then stick on the square studs and white pearls as shown. Apply another layer of top coat to complete.