from CanCam November 2014.

Pancake Akane, who adores the casual cute style, is going retro sweet this autumn! With bottleneck collars and large prints, she brings out a slightly nostalgic sweetness ❤ Dress up these items with trinket accessories for a girlish style!

Pancake Akane’s Autumn Best Selection

1: Girl’s jacket from LAISSE PASSE
A girlish design that is both fashionable and cute! The arm sections are made of leather, a spicy touch.

2: Warm fluffy cardigan from Lily Brown
A short cardigan that balances well with any style. Keeps you warm yet allows you to move about freely!

3: Bottleneck pullover from WILLSELECTION
An easy-to-match bottleneck top. Perfect for a classical autumn. ❤ the lace at the shoulders.

4a+b: Short knit + medium-length skirt SET from Noela
Retro floral prints and a short knit! The turtleneck top is so fashionable ♪

5: Bonding tuck skirt from LODISPOTTO
The ladylike volume and casual material is the best match for Pancake’s girly style ☆ The skirt reaches 15cm above the knee, the perfect length to show off your legs ☆

Additional basic items left over from summer

A: Bottleneck striped top from EBELE MOTION
B: Denim tight skirt from BAROQUE JAPAN LIMITED

Day 1: Breakfast meet with the girls at THE GREAT BURGER before school ❤

“On days when I have school, starting the day with pancakes is a must for me ❤ We often talk about jobhunting these days! When a friend shares good news about securing a job, we will hold a party that night!”

Items: 2 + 4b
Necklace / kate spade Japan

Buttoning the cardigan up allows it to serve as a knitted top. Its compact length matches well with the medium-length skirt.

Day 2: Relaxing breakfast of homemade pancakes on rest days ♪

“I take this photo first thing in the morning and send it to all my friends ♪ Butter, fruits, and maple syrup. On days when I wake up late, I just want a simple breakfast of pancakes! Eating these and thinking of what to do today is pure happiness ❤”

Items: 4a + 5
Earrings / Histoire

Simple clothes for a simple day with pancakes ❤ Relax on a rest day in a soft knit and voluminous skirt.

Day 3: Early morning of romance talk with Kaede at AlohaTable in Nakameguro ♡

“[Akane!! Listen to my story~! (> <)] After receiving this LINE message from Kaede the night before, we decided to meet up early the next morning! Watching the cute Kaede talk about her long distance relationship just makes me smile… (laugh)”

Items: 2 + 3 + B
Bag / kate spade Japan
Shoes / REZOY
Socks / 17oC by Blondoll
Earrings / Riccimie New York
Bracelet / YAMATWO

Tucking in my top, and my style matches with Kaede’s high-waisted denim look!

Day 4: A morning date at NUMBER A with the boyfriend before work ♪

“My boyfriend has been working for a year now, and he’s really busy. After sending a text saying [We’ve not met up at all recently… (angry)], he brought a sulking me to the popular pancake cafe! So thankful that he took time off his busy morning for me (> <) ❤”

Items: 4a + 4b
Bag / AG by aquagirl
False collar / mimi&roger

A dignified style to match with my boyfriend’s suit. Pancakes with him are extra special ❤

Day 5: Pancake sandwich on the way to school ☆

“Got the pancake sandwich from patisserie KIHACHI & LE SUN PALM, which I’ve been eyeing for a while ☆ Mmn~! Slightly sweet pancake with tuna inside! Wow! I’m gonna be late for school (sweatdrop)”

Items: 1 + 3 + 5
Earrings / Fabulous Angela

The boyish jacket makes the fluffy skirt look really cute. Mmn~! The sweet pancake + spicy tuna resembles today’s outfit ❤

Day 6: Shopping for a girl’s party at a nearby supermarket ♪

“We’ve been run down by our thesis papers these days… We just want to relax!!! With that sentiment, our gang of 4 decided to hold a party at my place! Pancakes will be the main dish ♪ Oh! This looks delicious too… ❤”

Items: 4a + A + B
Shoes / Diana
Glasses / JINS
Necklace / ThreeFourTime
Bracelet / YAMATWO

The knit top gives peeks at the stripes underneath.

Day 7: Dashing to the pancake cafe before the train leaves!

“Waking up at 6 a.m. today, my best friend and I are headed to the newly-opened pancake cafe! [Hurry hurry!!], she kept telling me to run faster! We’ll miss the train if we’re late! (sweatdrop)

Items: 3 + 4b
Bag / Cepica
Headband / INGNI
Earrings / COCOSHNIK

Today’s theme is classic lady, with the bottleneck top and medium-length skirt ❤ But the sneakers add a touch of rough, perfect for a girl (running for pancakes!!)

Day 8: Breakfast alone at pancake mama cafe VoiVoi

“Hah~… ❤ A stack of pancakes is just so charming ❤ Time for instagram ☆ In the end, simplicity is the best! Hmm… But those toppings look delicious too…”

Items: 2 + 5 + A
Glasses / JINS

The volumious cardigan and skirt are held in check by the stripes for a balanced girly style. Why am I staring at other people’s food…?! Shall I get one more slice?!