JELLY / Bunkasha
from Jelly November 2014.

2 fashionable hairstyles for that elegant, adult woman’s look!

Rough, airy curls

A look that appears rough and unstyled, that only a true adult can pull off.

Product: SALA Curls Spray Natural Keep (Sweet Rose Fragrance) / Kanebo Cosmetics

Step 1: Take a small bunch of hair and do an outward curl only on the hair ends, using a 32mm curler. There is no need to block your hair; just grab a small bunch for curling randomly.

Step 2: Next, take a bunch of hair from next to the one curled in Step 1, and do an inward curl only on the hair ends. Continue alternating outward and inwards curls until all your hair ends are curled.

Step 3: Take a bunch of hair from the top layer and curl it up to the roots, while holding the curler vertically. Alternate outward and inwards curls until all hair in the top layer is curled.

Step 4: Run your fingers gently through to separate the curls, then hold out bunches of hair and apply the spray on the inside as shown, to create airy curls!

Tight silhouette

A fashionable look this season; a tight style without gentleness fit for a strong adult woman!!

Product: Nakano Styling Wax 4 Hard Type / Nakano pharmaceutical

Step 1: Take some wax onto your palm, then comb the wax uniformly throughout your hair, starting from the roots.

Step 2: Use a comb to create a center parting, making sure to create a tight separation from the roots!

Step 3: Using a 32mm curler, curl the hair ends outwards. Be sure to curl the very tips as well.

Step 4: Lastly, randomly clip on a few pins along your temple. The wingtip tight look is complete ♪