non-no / Shueisha
from non-no December 2014.

Get the most lovable look this season, just like actress Ishihara Satomi and model Yamamoto Mizuki!

Highlights of the baby squirrel look:
1. Soft, innocent skin
2. Plump, healthy cheeks
3. Round, angled eyes
4. Red, kissable lips


A: Make-up Base / RMK Division
B: Super Mineral Pact Pore Cover Long Keep CC2 / Maybelline New York

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of A from the centre of the face out to the sides. There is no need to apply it following your facial lines.

Step 2: Apply B on your cheeks and forehead. Hold a corner of the puff for the lightest application.

Step 3: Fold the puff in half, and take up B only on the very tip. Apply onto detailed areas like below the eyes and around the nostrils.

Step 4: Take up B on the fluffy side of the puff, and apply in small circles onto any problem areas.


Item: Dior Blush 881 / Christian Dior

Step 1: Apply blush onto the cheeks about 1 finger’s width beneath the lower eyelid, in a long oval shape.

Step 2: Pat the rest of the powder across your nose at the same level as the blush applied on your cheeks. This creates the illusion of a blush running across your whole face.


Item: Integrate Eyebrow & Nose Shadow BR631 / Shiseido

Step 1: Apply the colour in the middle of the palette onto your brows, as well as the area below the end of your brow, for a slightly bushy look.

Step 2: Using the same colour, apply powder onto the sides of your nose as shown. This makes the nose look sharp.


A: Visee Lisee Duo Rich Eyes PK-2 / Kose
B: Ombre Couture 12 / GIVENCHY

Step 1: Apply A’s pink over the entire eyelid with your finger. Start from the inner corner for a good application.

Step 2: Draw a line with A’s brown along the upper lashline using a brush, from the inner corner to above the pupil.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of B along the lower eyelid with your pinky finger.


Item: Liquid Eyeliner 001 / ANNA SUI Cosmetics

Draw an eyeline along the entire upper lashline, making the line slightly thicker above the pupil. End at the outer corner with a slight wingtip.


Item: Dejavu Keep Style Mascara S Jet Black / Imju

Apply mascara on both your upper and lower lashes. Apply a second layer only on the lashes right above and below your pupil to emphasize your round eyes.


Item: Fasio Balm Rouge RD430 / Kose Cosmetics

Step 1: Apply a layer of lipstick onto your entire lip area.

Step 2: Pout your lips and tap the lipstick only onto the centre of your lips.

Step 3: Use your fingers to softly blend the colour at the side of your lips for a natural finish