from Koakuma ageha April 2011.


Thick eyelines and long false lashes make the eyes appear large and bright.

Items Used

A: Bourgeoisie Contour Clubbing Waterproof Black Party Eye Pencil
B: Maybelline Eye Studio Black Eyeshadow
C: Canmake Liquid Eyeliner 01
D: Jewerich No.01 False Lashes

How To Make-Up

Step 1: Use A’s pencil to draw an eyeline as shown. End the bottom eyeline right beneath your pupil.

Step 2: Blur the end of the eyeline with B’s eyeshadow. This gives you the illusion of longer eyes, even with a relatively short eyeline.

Step 3: Before applying false lashes, go over the upper eyeline with C’s eyeliner to further emphasize it.

Step 4: Apply the entire length of D’s false lashes. Let the end of the lash extend out beyond your eye, as this creates the illusion of large eyes.