from NAIL MAX December 2012.


 Poinsettias blooming elegantly along the French line. Increase your girlish style with these brilliant red-themed nails.

How To Make

Step 1: Apply a layer of pearl beige polish onto the entire nail.

Step 2: Draw a French line with glittery brown polish.

Step 3: Draw a poinsettia petal outline as shown with red acrylic.

Step 4: Fill in the center with more red acrylic.

Step 5: Draw one more petal on the opposite side as shown.

Step 6-7: Draw 2 more opposite petals as shown, then the final 2 to complete the flower. Try your best to make the outline smooth and neat.

Step 8-9: Draw shadows in the middle of the flower with dark brown acrylic as shown. Use lines that gather at the middle of the flower to create that 3D effect.

Step 10: Draw a second poinsettia to the side with dark brown acrylic.

Step 11: Draw the third poinsettia on the opposite side of the French line with dark brown acrylic.

Step 12: With green acrylic, draw three leaves around the center poinsettia as shown.

Step 13: Add leaves to the side poinsettias with green acrylic. Be sure to watch the balance of the overall art.

Step 14: Draw a circle in the middle of the center poinsettia with glittery gold polish.

Step 15: Apply top coat over the entire nail to finish!