from Popteen March 2012.


* Curled ends
* Straight hair
* Half-up
* Ponytail


How To Style (Curled ends)

Step 1: Take a strand of hair that is close to your face and twist it twice with your finger. Keeping the strand twisted, do an outward curl on the strand.

Step 2: Take an adjacent strand and do an inward curl on it. Continue curling the rest of your hair with inward and outward curls at random.

Step 3: Once all your hair is curled, use your fingers to loosen the curls at the hair ends to add volume.


How To Style (Straight hair)

Step 1: Brush out all tangles with a cushion brush, then use a straightening iron to straighten all your hair.

Step 2: Do backcombing at the top of your hair to add volume and fluff.


How To Style (Half-up)

Step 1: Gather up all the hair above your ears to the back of your head. Twist the hair a single time, then secure with a barette.


How To Style (Ponytail)

Step 1: After curling all your hair, gather everything up to the top of your head and secure with a hair tie. Divide the tied hair into 2 equal bunches and pull to both sides to add more height.