from Nail up! May 2015.


 Retro girl nails in bold, striking colors!


How-To Guide

Step 1: Apply a layer of base coat, followed by 2 layers of beige polish over the entire nail.

Step 2: Apply a layer of grey polish over part of the nail as shown, leaving 1/3 of the nail at the bottom and right side beige.

Step 3: Apply a layer of red polish over 2 parts of the nail as shown.

Step 4: Line the grey box with brown acrylic color, and the red boxes with gold tape.

Step 5: Apply a layer of top coat, then stick on studs and rhinestones as shown.

Step 6: Apply a layer of top coat over the entire nail to finish.


How-To Guide

Step 1: Apply a layer of base gel and dry. Apply 2 layers of yellow gel over the entire nail, drying after each layer.

Step 2: Draw patches with brown gel as shown.

Step 3: Use a dry brush to smear the brown gel to create a tortoiseshell pattern. Be careful not to smear the brown too much.

Step 4: Apply top gel at the bottom of the nail and stick on a pearl as shown.

Step 5: Stick on smaller pearl stones around the large pearl. Dry.

Step 6: Apply a layer of top gel over the entire nail and dry to complete.

*Nailist Tip!*
To create the best tortoiseshell effect, select a base color that is slightly translucent. Next, be sure not to smear the dark brown patches too much, as that will cover the original color and spoil the effect. When smearing the brown patches, use a light tapping motion for best results!