Translation Requests

Feel free to request translations of your favorite make-up magazines!! ^^ Anything related to make-up, hairstyling, lifestyle and more are welcome ;). Just drop me an e-mail at soulful_eyes(at) =)

All requests are free! ^^ However, if your requests are big and take a substantial amount of work to fulfill, I may ask for a sum for my work.

Things I Translate:
– Magazine Articles
– Make-up Blogs
– …

For Magazines
Please provide:
1) Clear scans of the relevant magazine pages in good resolution (especially images and text near the gutter area!!). To test the quality of your scan, zoom in at least 5x onto the text. If you can still make out the individual characters, then it is good enough. =)
– Magazine translations will cost USD$3 per page.

For Blogs
Please provide:
1) A link to the relevant page. Good quality screenshots will also be accepted.
– Again, I will not take big requests eg. translation of 5 year’s worth of blog entries. However, if you really wish for a translation of those, I may ask for a small token fee for the work.

Note: All free requests fulfilled will be posted up onto this blog, and be made available for public viewing unless we make some other agreement beforehand. Paid requests belong to the requester after payment, and will not be posted here unless otherwise agreed on.

That’s all. Happy requesting!! ^^


1 thought on “Translation Requests”

  1. Misty said:

    Thank you so much for the translations!

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